A passionate, competent, self-taught software developer with 5+ years of experience in software development. I use the .Net framework to develop a wide range of tools for Web Applications with ASP.Net and Blazor, Desktop Applications, and Android Applications with Xamarin. My vision is to use software development to create innovative ways to solve daily problems in both communities and businesses that make a real difference in the world.

What is Data Transfer Objects?

In this post, we explore what data transfer objects ( DTO ) are and how we can use them. Data Transfer Objects can be used to repackage models or they can be used to encapsulate multiple models in one object and transfer them across systems. Did anyone ever ask you...

What to code when you are learning a new language.

What to code when you are learning a new language.

When starting to learn a new coding language many developers struggle with the same question: “What can I write to practice and figure out this new language?”. In this post, I would like to share my hack when learning a new language, a hack that answers the above question and make it fun to learn a new language.

What is Webassembly?

The simplified answer is that WebAssembly allows applications written in high-level languages, like C#, to be downloaded and then run in your browser. WebAssembly is also known as WASM, which will give it a better explanation of what it is. WASM stands for Web...

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